Dr Strangeglove’s World of the Straaaange!

Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of Dr Strangeglove, the impossible mad scientist who will do ANYTHING to be famous.

Dr S, and his pals have been running riot for years, and nobody has had the heart to stop them, for fear that some of the strangeness will rub off on them.

They have encountered such straaaange phenomena as dream rats, peeing cats, swarms of wasps, and scary egg men. Over the years they have also discovered a new planet, built an Ark, and staged a variety show.

You can hear all about these adventures and much more, right here on this very website. You lucky person, you.

Many visitors to this very website have left feeling a little different to when they first arrived here.

We take no responsibility for that.

If you’re strange, you’re strange, deal with it.STOP PRESS: Strangeness in the Comic Books!

STOP PRESS: Straaaaaangeness detected in Comic Books. Look Here. Come on, hurry up, it won’t be there for ever.