Dr Strangeglove – The Comic Series

And so t’was, that the one who organizes everything did smile down ‘pon Dr Strangeglove and decreed that with immediate effect (well, at that point in time anyway) there would be a Dr Strangeglove Comic Strip. And yay did the millions scream as one “Straaaaange”, except one who yelled “Eeeeeeeeeh” (but we’ll just ignore him because everyone else does).

Dr Strange-Glove: Death by Chocolate

It’s in Ace Weekly which is a comics art magazine of serials and short stories beamed directly to readers through cyberspace. It’s the award-winning, exclusively cyberspace – NO PRINTING, NO PAPER – comic art magazine from David Lloyd – the guy who brought you V FOR VENDETTA! Every Monday, serials and short stories designed specifically for your tablet, laptop, desktop – AND SMART TV – are ready to read, at your command, in massive, seven-week volumes featuring top talent from across the globe.

The inaugural (that means ‘first ever’) Dr Strangeglove comic strip can be found at: https://www.acesweekly.co.uk/vol50-issue5

And what of Aces Weekly’s description of this wondrous event which is sure to go down in history alongside all other wondrous events: “It’s Strange…” I’m happy with that.

Early Comic Strip Artwork Test



Big hooray for the 1st Dr StrangeGlove cartoon!

And we kick off the comic strip action with Episode Six.

Because of course we do.

In this story, Dr StrangeGlove is obsessed with chocolate.

He does exactly what I once joked about doing, with chocolate.

No, not that! Its straaaange…


Dr Strangeglove’s stable-mate (moo?) Mr Custa can also be found at Aces Weekly too.

Find out more here: https://mrcusta.co.uk/wormhole/category/aces-weekly/


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